Monday, June 1, 2009

At A Better Pace

AM: 35 Minutes Alter-G, Core
PM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride W/ Workout

I woke up to the Alter-G and had a pretty good run. I reduced my body weight to 75% because I felt my knee more than I wanted to. I ran pretty easy, about 6 min mile pace which isn't that fast at 75%! Lashed through sore core work after. In the PM I did a trainer ride. I had a workout planned so I stayed indoor. The session was 25 x 30 sec hard/easy followed by 5 x 1 min very hard/easy. Sweat really heavily so need to get the fluids in.

I hit up nice slice tonight for more food. Frankie and I are basically living off Nice Slice pizza which is not necessarily a good thing! They have great vegan options and everything tastes amazing. They also have a fantastic Shep Fairey art piece in the store. Shep went to RISD and is mates with the owner of Nice Slice who also attended RISD. I must confess to not knowing much about the guy until the famous Barack Obama "Hope" poster and again when there was a lot of buzz around the design he did on Lance Armstrong's bike for the Giro. He is doing another for the Tour and Lance gives him tonnes of love online.
The place happens to be very cool and significantly better than the popular Antonio's Pizza across the street, which in its own right is pretty nice. I am not a big art dude but it is pretty cool that a contemporary artist like Shepard Fairey has his college roots here in Providence and has original pieces around the city.

This weekend also served up the Reebok Grand Prix, hence my lack of blog posts. What an amazing meet. Everything was perfect except the weather. There was wind, and even though it was minor it did enough to prevent the 5k going sub 13. I have no doubt that on a still evening the boys would have run mid 12:50's. Kogo is an absolute beast and holding off Lagat in the home straight had the crowd, made up mainly of sprint fans, going nuts. It was great to see. Every event had great energy none more so than the mens 200 where Tyson Gay ran the third fastest 200m ever run. The Reebok meet has continued to improve every year and thoroughly deserves its place among the Diamond League next season.

Peace and Love,


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