Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It Takes A Second

AM: 35 Minutes Run, Blue Hills
PM: 35 Minutes Hard Trainer Ride

Big test on the old knee this morning. I see the Doctor tomorrow so I wanted to get the right information to provide specific feedback to the main man. I ran a nice 35 minute loop at regular training pace. It was about 6:35-45 effort and I felt great. My knee hurt the same way it does on my fifteen minute runs. Funny enough, I may have even felt better by running further? I can't explain it. I am going to talk to the Doctor about it but in all honesty I know I cannot train hard on my knee. Maybe it will get better and I may be able to tolerate the cartilage? Again, I am not sure but one more run tomorrow morning should give me the final piece of info I need.

I got home late today and only had enough time to do 35 minutes on the trainer. I usually don't do less than 45 minutes when using the bike but it was better than nothing and to make myself feel better I chose to hammer. Great session. We then met up with Myles, Ro, Tarpy, and Molly for some good quality Burritos and Gansett. Also got a new Run Providence shipment of cytomax. Lots of fuel for lots of miles on the bike!

Red Sox - Yankees tomorrow night and then its Sunset Rubdown. T Shea gave me some links to quality recordings that I will check out in the AM since I am off to bed. The daytrotter sessions are amazing and I may have actually heard these songs before but it is always great to revisit this site. Below is another track for the evening, a slowed down version of 'The Mending Of The Gown',Love it (despite the poor footage)


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