Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Like A Sunset

AM: 35 Minutes Alter-G, 75%
PM: 60 Minutes Trainer Ride, Core

The forecast called for Rain in the afternoon so what did I do? I waited until the afternoon to go for a bike ride. Well, in all fairness I did have Alter-G in the morning and that is my priority. It was a decent run but like before I still feel the pain. I liken it to having a stone in your shoe when your running. All the rest in the world won't get rid of the stone, it must be removed or at least settle in a part of the shoe that doesn't bother the foot. I am hoping that with running the cartilage moves around and settles in an area that gives me relief. Until then, I want to get the thing out of their. I was very tired today for some reason. No pop in the legs so I stopped after an hour of my planned 90 minute trainer ride. Just no power at all and low HR. When I can't get the old ticker pumping it usually means I'm tired. I guess I needed an easy day.I went ahead and got the new Phoenix album today. This album has not been high on my priority list because I found their previous work to be poppy, mainstream, and a little too high school. And the funny thing is that this album is not really any different. Its poppy and has very mainstream moments but the songs I heard really struck a chord with me. I saw these guys perform in Boston many years ago. I liked the song "Everything Everything", and they were warming up for M83 so we got there early to check them out. It was decent but nothing earth shattering, unlike the M83 performance.

I heard the track "Lisztomania" a few weeks ago on some blogs and there was a general positive vibe around these guys in the blogosphere. The track is fantastic and when I saw the brat pack video made by avoidantconsumer I really fell in love with the tune. She set the music to the scene in Breakfast Club when they all dance about the assembly area. Other dance scenes from classic 80's flicks make an appearance too. Its so poppy and upbeat that it frustrates me........I love it! So here I am, just buzzing off this unofficial video which is much better than the original and then another dude or lass makes a video of the brat pack version with a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters doing their own Breakfast Club version of the unofficial video. Both versions are below and are essential viewing. I'd watch the avoidantconsumer version and then the Brooklyn version. Other movies I noticed were Pretty In Pink, Footloose, and Mannequin. Just watching the Brooklyn version makes me want to move down there. I love DUMBO and this footage reminds me of how much I enjoy visiting the area.

The track 'Love Like A Sunset' is also amazing. Its pretty much sans vocals but has a daft punk inspired sound. The whole album reeks of progress for the band and we will see bigger venues, more sold out signs and a few more t-shirts on the June/July tour. (Some shows already sold out). The album has no skip moments for me and I would recommend it big time. Typically not my style.....maybe I am getting soft. My boss liked the Spektor track I posted yesterday and thought it was a little too poppy for me!

Peace and Love

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