Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Now Silver Moons Belong To You

AM: 102 Miles, 4:58, Narragansett Return with Add-On

Knowing that I would have a week of missed training I had planned on a big ride today. I felt great and managed to maintain good speed all the way. It helps when the loop is pancake flat, although I did have to deal with some head winds at times. There are a lot of lights on the early part of the ride which disrupts the average speed so I am very pleased to have covered 100 miles in 4:51. I bumped into another rider near the end and we rode together back into P-Town. I needed the company. I have never been into doing long training by myself. I love company and it keeps me from over doing it. As is the case with running, when I am by myself I go quicker. The iPod shuts out the heavy breathing!

Terry Shea sent me a link to a blog with some video from the show on Thursday night. I watched them many times over today and I am going to share them with you. Next up on the concert tour is Handsome Furs. This is the side project of Dan Boeckner who is the other singer in Wolf Parade. He shares vocal duties on many of the great Wolf Parade songs. Personally I prefer the vocals of Spencer but that is not in anyway being negative towards Dan. I am super excited to see him perform with his wife under the Handsome Furs guise. So much good stuff out there.

Love Kel

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