Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Was Out Of Line, But It Was Fun

AM: 28 Minutes Run, 60 Minutes Ride W/ 6 X 1 Minute Pick Ups
PM: 1.2 Miles, Grog And Dog Run

My run this morning was painful all the way. Such a demoralizing feeling although running slow is not nearly as bad as paced running. Francine joined me for the trot up the Blvd. Upon the completion of the run I jumped on the bike for some recovery ride action. I did some pick ups to get the blood flowing and to remove any blood lactate that built up over night after my hard ride yesterday.

In the afternoon we did the simi-annual Grog And Dog and it was awesome. The event, sponsored by Reebok, Narragansett, and The Wild Colonial was epic as usual and had more teams than ever before. In fact, we had to shut down registration and the thinking caps are on for the October version. The format for those not in the know is 4 person teams that each run a leg of 1.2 miles and then drink a 16oz beer and eat a hotdog/veggie dog before passing the baton onto the next person. The race was won by Tuesday Night Turtles and our team was 4th. Frankie's Powered By Tofu team was 1st co-ed team. They had Tommy McArdle in there. Maybe he will kick off his blog again........the vacation is over. Team Reebok had a great showing in second with K Adams and L Cox flying the flag for the vector. They brought in the services of Atwood and Eric L for some hard fighting. Ben ran the first leg for our team with myself running second. I passed off to Brian Lang and Clay ran the anchor. Despite all the fun and extra beers I was pretty down about how my knee felt. It is brutal not being able to run even steady with out pretty severe pain.

The week was not great for training however the ride yesterday was very pleasing. The news of my knee being pretty much wrecked had me pretty much putting on the happy face, hiding the extreme frustration. I'm over it now but I'm sure I'll have my moments. Anyway, time to control what I can which is to keep trying to run and see if I can get in consistent miles without doing any further damage. I need to monitor the pain and just maintain control. If I wake up tomorrow and feel fine, then I have already hit a good benchmark. I would be pleased to run 5 miles a day for the rest of the summer. So thats the buzz from the weekend. I have posted some live Passion Pit below just to make things even worse for my mental state. I am missing these guys in Boston next week and I am seriously annoyed about it, but thems the breaks.



  1. and to think that guy was my coach. what a goofy bastard that mr. mcardle. however, i'll say he looks pretty good next to those ladies.

  2. Kel, awesome to see you promoting the local talent in Passion Pit. They're playing on thursday at paradise. May go. Hope you're good


  3. Keith, it was great to see you yesterday. You've got extreme talent for competitive grogging and dogging. You were an unstoppable force when it came to consuming the food, I think it's genetics. Keep staying positive about everything, and nice job with all the biking. If you ever want to go for a ride let me know. Scott Mason would ride too, between the 3 of us we'd cover pretty much any running injury known to man. Take care of the knee, and keep your spirits up! See you later! -Zak

  4. Kel,

    Well done yesterday. Loved the kit and the fact that you kept the hard hat on while running! Keep the cycling going and take care of that knee. Trust that you can put a hurtin' on just about everybody runnin' 40 to 50 mpw. Talk soon home boy (one word or two?).


  5. Keith, your run to win the interclubs in santry was hugely inspiring, the way you toughed it out that day will live long in the memory. I understand how frustrating it is to be injured so often, putting on the face while inside you're feeling very low. Good luck with the training, hope you can make it back to santry for more heroics in the autumn.