Thursday, June 4, 2009

Think Less But See It Grow

AM: 18 Minutes Jog, Core
PM: 2:08 Ride W/ Fartlek efforts, Bike Path.

Big test this AM for the knee. It was on the astro turf of Brown University that I did my longest run since Feb 28th, and I was pleased. My knee was somewhat sore, 4 out of 10 on the trusted pain scale. Bare in mind that everyone has their own unique scale and mine has a pretty high pain tolerance limit so a 4 may not be too good. Got through it with no negatives so I need to keep looking at the upside.

Myself and Ben hit the bike path for a nice 40+ mile ride. We did a hard effort of the park and we rode steady on the way back in. For the last 2-3 miles we hammered really fast to get the blood pumping. Great ride, and since I felt so crap this morning I would say the day was successful. I had intentions of meeting Jay on the Blvd this AM but when I saw the rain I had to pull the plug. A bad night of sleep and a scratchy throat turned me off riding in the rain. Sorry Jay!

I can't stop listening to Lisztomania by Phoenix and I've been desperately looking for something new to listen to. And it came from a band called "The Sounds" out of Sweden. I came across these guys because I love their tune in the Geico commercial below. I saw the ad during Sky Sports news and immediately looked up the band. Its something I've been meaning to do for a while now. More pop music! So now I am listening to their newest album "Crossing The Rubicon", you can check them out at their myspace page. Its not bad but not great either. I will need to listen when I'm not so tired.

Not much else happening today. Just lots of Swedish new wave and repeated listening to Phoenix. I saw a trailer for "Food, Inc." a new flick/documentary on the food industry. I can't wait to see it. Not that I'll learn anything new but it reinforces my decision to be more aware of my food purchases and places I shop. I also read that Oliver Stone is directing Wall Street 2. Can't say I'm too pleased about that.

Love Kel

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