Monday, August 17, 2009

Tell ME Why

AM: 4.2 Miles, Blvd
PM: 60 Minutes Trainer with Fartlek

Bekele is unreal. His stride and efficiency are unmatched. I mean if he is on drugs that is one thing but you can't take a drug to have that form. I'm not sure how efficient it is for the marathon but on the track he makes it look so easy. What Usain Bolt is to 100 and 200m KB is to 10k. You get the feeling that if the pace was quicker it would have been just as easy. He never looked like he was hurting despite running his second 5k in about 13:05.

It was a fantastic 3rd day at the champs albeit a bad day for Reebok distance runners. Hats off to Leo Manzano for truly running his semi like it was the final and hats off to the women in the steeple who made it honest from the start. I was even interested in the pole vault. Talk about lessons learned there eh. I guess thats what thinking your too good gets you.

I ran an easy AM opener on the blvd and my knee was in agony the whole way. For the PM I jumped on the trainer thinking I would do 45 minutes to feel good about myself and ended up going the hour. I rode very hard at times, based on the song playing on my iPod. Knee wasn't too bad. Working from home makes the day go by very quickly if you ask me. I listened to tonnes of music today, especially Thom Yorke. I revisited his cover of Neil Young "Tell Me Why" and it put a nice sized smile on my face. I can't find a great version on youtube but from checking out the below vid you will get the picture. I fortunately have the mp3 so I don't need to listen to the idiots talking.

Thats the buzz,
Love Kel

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