Friday, August 21, 2009

Make A Deal With God

Just got back from a lovely 4 days on the road with 3 days spent at the annual running school. Awesome. Its really refreshing to see unbreakable youth loving the training. I even got out for a couple of runs myself including an 8 mile run where my knee was actually not too sore? It is kind of Ironic because I just got off the phone with Dr. McKeon en route to Swan Lake and I am scheduled for the surgery on September 1st. So with hearing the operation was happening I decided to run an 8 mile loop and I felt fine. My body is playing tricks on me! I am going to run 8 miles each of the next two days and make sure my knee is still proper wrecked and worthy of a cartilage transplant.

Being up in the mountains has messed with my music and world champs listening/viewing. Great to see Ireland get a medal in the Womens 20k walk. Olive has been a super hard worker over the last 10 years and has been there or there abouts for a long time. Derval finishing 4th has solidified her position as a world class hurdler and its fantastic to see David Gillick get stuck in finishing 6th in the 400m. Ireland a sprinting nation? Shane McGowen with new Teeth? Times are a changing.

I have 4 new albums to listen to over the next few days. 2 of them I downloaded for free off the blogosphere. I never heard of the artist so its nice testing ground and 2 I bought including "Riceboy Sleeps", the new Jonsi project. I've had it for 2 months from a dodgy download but felt horrible about it since Jonsi has provided some magic moments for me. Its amazing how $12 bucks can make me feel so good. The other albums I got are "Porn Sword Tobacco - New Exclusive Olympic Heights", "Hammock - Raising Your Voice", and "John Tejada - Daydreams In Cold Weather"

Tomorrow Night Radiohead play their first summer festival. I am obviously pretty down that I am not seeing them this summer and to say I am excited to hear the new material is an understatement. I love the interweb because at about 8pm I have no doubt youtube will host some action. Guess what this looser is doing on Saturday night.........

Time to see how I swing Julian Plenti tickets.

Love Kel

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