Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kiss Of Life

PM: 1:32 Trainer w/ 15 x 1min on /off Very Hard
PM: 4.2 Mile Run Easy, Blvd.

My first interval session in  a while took place today and I pretty much smashed myself. Minute efforts are short enough to really push it but long enough to make me want to vomit at the end. That was how I felt on the 15th effort doing an out of the saddle effort. Great workout and even better mental test. I took a few hours to do some work before running up the Blvd and back. I didn't time my run and kept it easy although my knee was in real agony today. I can't wait to get the surgery. I am moving it forward to early September if I can!

Today Frankie turned 31. So to celebrate we hit up AS220 for some Burritos and Gansetts. There was a nice crew out and we had a great laugh. I love the weekly trip to AS22o, it is truly a highlight even though I never sleep after it due to the sugar in the beer and the mass amounts of cheese they put in their excellent food. 

I finally caught up on some music action today. Frankie has also decided that Spencer Krug is her favorite singer and has surpassed Thom Yorke in her rankings. I don't agree but obviously see her point. My song of the day is the new tune by Friendly Fires called Kiss Of Life. Its on the YouTube below. Lovely tune and very different to the stuff I'm listening to lately. They are a British band who have been around for a few years and admit they are heavily influenced by the German techno sound so they must be good. I hope to catch them in concert soon. 

Peace and Love


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