Sunday, August 23, 2009

But Enough About Me

PM: 6 Miles 35 Min, Blvd

My confusion is at an all time high. I am feeling better everyday I run. It is as if my knee pain has decided to go away for a few days. I am running with less pain than I was last February and I don'tt know what to do. I know I have to snap out of this buzz but I am getting a pretty serious surgery next week and I actually want to be in pain. I want to feel that awful stabbing pain I had for the last 6 months so I can feel really good about getting my second left knee op in 18 months. Now on the flip side I did take a lot of down time over the last few weeks and I have not done any long bike rides in 3 weeks so maybe I am just feeling a little relief. I also know if I don't get the surgery or put it off the next day I am going to feel the pain. Bottomline is that I am getting it done and if he goes in there and says its not as bad as we expected he won't do much and I will take 14-20 days off, or he goes in and sees a hole (as the mri shows) and he has to fix it. Hopefully its the former and if that is the case then I could be on the way back! I am going to bang out miles every day this week but I will slow down and see how a little longer time on the feet affects the joint.

Radiohead played in Prague tonight. Similar set list to last night. Next stop is Poland before the UK gigs. I also just saw that Sunset Rubdown are playing in NYC in October and I will be going, that much I'm certain of. Packing up the apartment these days is pretty depressing but these things happen and its time to move on and look forward. Last week at 27 Humboldt.

Love Kel

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