Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Could've Sworn I Aaw A Light Coming On

AM: 70 Minutes Steady Spin, High RPM, Trainer
PM: 4.3 Miles Blvd

Used the Trainer this AM because I only wanted to spend an hour or so training and figured I would get more out of a steady spin while listening to tunes rather than deal with morning traffic. Good session with high cadence all the way. I was pretty tired after yesterday but thats to be expected. In the afternoon I hit the Blvd for the usual up and down, only this time my knee really hurt. It also started lashing again which was nice. Both Frankie and I were caught in the downpour. I am not running for a few days. Need to let my knee settle down.

New Radiohead song out today. You can buy it here for a quid. I don't love it on first listen but thats because "Present Tense" is so good that it is hard to listen to Thom sing anything new! It has haunting but emotional strings that sound very apt and evoke sounds of the era the song is dedicated to. The song is called Harry Patch (In Memory Of) and is dedicated to the last survivor of the WW1 conflict. He died last week at the age of 111. Amazing. The funds go to the Royal British Legion. I have posted it as the first youtube below.

I also need to post a second youtube. I cannot stop listening to the tunes of Julian Plenti. The second youtube video is called "Only If You Run" and is off his new album Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper. So far this is my favorite song on the album. He is on Jimmy Fallon on Friday night. For this I cannot wait. You can make it.....but only if you run,

Love Kel

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