Monday, August 10, 2009

Peoria And Dreaming

PM: 28 Mins run, river front, Peoria.

Meself and the boss man Kev Adams hit the waterfront of Peoria for some easy running this afternoon. It wasn't great to be honest. I love talking to my boss but I don't love feeling stabbing pain in my knee when I'm jogging. At the end of the day this seems to be par for the course and I have to accept it until I get my operation.

After the run we went out for dinner with the Running Central crew, Adam and Marie White, Ian White, and Bekah Aavang. Had a lash of lovely dogfish head IPA and plentiful discussion about vegetarianism and religion. Two of my favored subjects. These are great people and I love them. If your in the area please hit up running central. They will fit you for the right shoes and maybe you can talk music with Bekah or Tattoos with Adam!

In total respect for my trip to Peoria I want to dedicate the below you tube clip. I will see Bat For Lashes on Thursday night and the crew at Run Central had to hear about it repeatedly!

Love Kel


  1. Don't despair too much mate........

  2. Keep er lit..Inspiration