Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strung Up By The Wrists

PM: 8.25 miles, 49.15, Fruit Loop and Blvd

Hhhmmm, another solid run with minor pain. I was tempted to run as hard as I could for the last mile but quickly realized that I may be loosing it slightly and made the rational decision to actually slow down (I didn't) and finish the run feeling good. The disturbing thing is that when I went into my house to get some cytomax I actually felt some stiffness and pain in my knee and it made me happy.

I don't sleep well. Its not something I talk about much but I am a light sleeper. My mother is a light sleeper so maybe I get it from her. I would be a night owl if it wasn't for Frankie trying to improve my sleep hygiene and encouraging better habits before I go to bed. It has helped but sometimes the old head will not switch off. Last night was one of those nights. I did not actually fall asleep. No dreams, no nodding off, nothing. Just laying there thinking and getting up every few hours to walk around my apartment, drink water and read ROAD magazine. I even read some Sam Harris this morning at 4 am. My point in mentioning this is that the catalyst right now is my forthcoming knee op. I know I need it because there is something wrong with my knee but why does it have to feel so good the week before? Why couldn't it be in the same agony it has been over the last 6 months? Obviously, like I said before, I am going ahead with it but I need to be more accepting of the situation. Perhaps the other changes in my life are contributing to my high energy levels or maybe I just have more energy than the average person. I often think about this when I reflect on all my injuries. Sleeping is a time that the body recovers and since I don't sleep much surely it has contributed to my inability to heal seemingly basic injuries. I know a lot of athletes that sleep 10 hours a night and nap an hour + per day. I can't imagine what that must feel like.

There are lots of end of decade lists coming out on the blogosphere, scary. I have not found one that I agree with yet although the I Guess Im Floating blog has a lot of tracks I truly love. I need to start thinking about my own best of the decade lists. There has been a lot of discussion around the need for such lists. Some people think its a load of bollix and a way for poseurs to show everyone how cool they are. I don't agree with this stance at all. I have been introduced to so may great bands through blogs and many great bands owe the world of blogging a little piece of their success. Some lists are obvious (see Pitchfork) and lack any depth but many others are insigtful and offer great selections. I am looking forward to reading them as they roll in.

Love Kel

A track that will almost certainly be on my best of the decade list:


  1. Just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago via Matt Gabrielson's blog and have kept up since then. Good luck with your op.

    Other than Radiohead, I have pretty similar tastes. Def agree re Blur.

    PS - I met Steve Jones at the Boston expo this year. Awesome bloke, very generous with his time and advice.

  2. afternoon brother, or evening, or night, or early-mid morning... whenever it happens that you return to the page. The end of the decade list, man, it is coming upon us in a hurried fashion. I slept wel myself last evening, but that was due more to the 24 hours of nearly continual movement either in train, plane, foot, or car to arrive in Madrid. I am finally here and am feeling very good about the change even though there are going to be obvious moments of recovery from the near surgical relocation of the catalyst to my enjoyment of life. It will be a good road as will be yours. Looking forward to the next read as always.


  3. That video is brilliant....have to get think tank out again...its been too long...3 months maybe!!! ha ha....i think its a irish thing the nightowl syndrome...my whole family are the same and most people i know in ireland...drinking tea till all hours while watching shite on the tele.

  4. I'm very interested to hear your top 50 of the decade. You gotta be musically omnipotent to devise a list like that. I'd be completely lost. I wouldn't know where to start. Rush hasn't put out much material in past 10 years.