Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Alarms And No Surprises Please

PM: 60 Minutes Trainer, Easy

My knee is officially jocked. After many solid weeks of improvement the inevitable has happened and I am glad I have my surgery planned. My knee hurt on the bike tonight. Running I can handle, but when it hurts cycling, and this is the first time it has, then I know the issue is significant. I hope to truck on for the next month but I may have to back off volume and intensity. If I spin at high cadence with little resistance it is not bad. I planned on doing at least 90 minutes steady tonight but I was struggling after 40 minutes (prob should have stopped). Brutal but again, it was expected and it has hurt all along, just today it hurt more than it has since Irish XC Champs.
So its safe to say that I am in a pretty poor mood and generally let down by things. We are having a yard sale on Saturday so that will take my mind off not training too much and force me to not do a crazy Saturday AM session with Cox. Ended my day watching Entourage and was pleased to hear some Empire Of The Sun on the closing credits. My favorite track on the album too!
Love Kel

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