Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Name Is Legion

AM: 65 Minutes Trainer Ride
AM: 5 Miles Training Run
AM: Watch An Awful Liverpool Performance
AM: Experience Depression Take Over
PM: Pack Stuff
PM: Drink Boatloads Of Coffee and Ride My Bike
PM: Walk Fausto
PM: Eat Nice Slice

Strange day today. Francine has gone back to Canada for a while to do her introduction course work for her MPH Program. So I had very little human interaction outside of service and bumping into Mylene Cox. Ordinarily I am a social animal but I didn't actually mind not seeing anyone and I thoroughly enjoyed riding my bike around Providence listening to Sunset Rubdown and visiting places like White Electric.

I was pretty happy with some of the training I did this morning but it really leaves very little in terms of satisfaction. Its so little and insignificant but that is what I'm limited to given the current pain level in my knee and the fact that I got a flat on the trainer. How that happens, I don't know. Hence why I took my single speed out for a jaunt. It wasn't a training ride mind you but coming up college hill in a big single gear is not easy.

Now its off to bed and time to think about what I am going to do in terms of training since I am on the road all week. I also find out a date for my microfracture/oats surgery tomorrow so that should be good.

I found some clips of Bat For Lashes on youtube. It was really dark in Paradise so capturing video was going to be difficult regardless of where anyone was in the crowd.

Love Kel

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