Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming To At Dawn

PM: 90 Minutes Trainer Ride
PM: 7.45 Miles, 46 Minutes

I rode the trainer so I could watch Liverpool play Aston Villa. An easy game, a mere formality. I mean, we beat them 5-0 at Anfield last year. So there was a moment of shock when Lucas steered Ashley Young's free kick into his own net. And from there it went down hill. Liverpool lost 2 games last season. They have lost 2 of their first three this season. We will not win the league. But I'll be there supporting hard through it all because football's a funny old game and you never know.

I didn't do a brick. Rather I opted to get some food in after my trainer ride. I lost a lot of fluids considering it was like a greenhouse in my front room. Once I did get out running I felt fantastic. Not wanting to beat this issue to death or anything but my knee was really not that bad. It gave out a couple of times but where is the pain? Where is the feeling that my bone is crumbling. I had it in Peoria 2 weeks ago. Answers on a postcard please.

Through all this madness I still enjoy my nightly writing and music listening. This evening, after watching a "Real Time with Bill Maher", I listened to Julian Plenti's NME radio performance. Beautiful. I need to figure out a way to get a ticket to his forthcoming NYC performance. My knee should be decent by then. I only have Sunset Rubdown to look forward to this fall so this gig will be welcome with open heart. Speaking of Sunset, I think I listened to "Coming To At Dawn"from their "Introducing Moonface" EP at least 10 times today. Amazing, amazing song.

Love Kel

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