Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Not Living, I'm Just Killing Time

AM: 6 Miles, 37:00 Minutes, Blue Hills
PM: 1:40 Bike, Seekonk, Blvd

I missed the old posting yesterday due to the fact that it looks like Frankie and I will be resting at Humboldt for August but not beyond. Our Landlord is less than cooperative and we have been forced to not renew our lease. Unless something drastic happens we will be looking for lodging elsewhere. Sucks but thems the breaks and we have to deal with it. There will be a garage sale happening next Saturday on our front lawn. I am looking forward to purging myself of things I don't use or need. The timing of everything is bad and after my long ride yesterday Frankie and I went to work and will continue to for the next few weeks while Frankie is still around. I ended up riding 4:02 with Lee. We covered around 76 miles. Nothing Crazy at all.

Today I ran at work and hit the track at the end of a lovely trail jaunt. I finished with 2 laps of the track nice and snappy in 2:21. My knee actually doesn't feel better running faster but I thought I would test it anyway. Great run, fantastic weather, and no iPod. For the PM I rode steady on the flats and pushed hard on the false flats. Again no iPod, just a head full of crazy thoughts about what the near future holds. Keeping it very positive mind you.

Passion Pit made their network TV debut on Jimmy Fallon. Check it out.

Love Kel

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