Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Took Me Up The Stairwell And Back Down Again

I need to stop listening to the Dreamland EP by Spencer Krug because I'm starting to hear Marimba in my head all day. Lovely sound but enough's enough. So just one listen tonight before my very own dreamland. Even though I'm hitting my knee with a silly amount of treatment it has regressed. Maybe I should just start riding my bike again and see what happens with that. It can't get worse than it has been and at least I'll feel good about myself. Running is out of the question. I'll talk to Mike about it tomorrow morning. And from that point we'll decide if I can continue to treat the injury while riding. The mental side to Injury is just as significant as the injury itself. I haven't been pain free in my knees in over one year now but only recently have I been mentally destroyed by it. Because I can't bike and because I'm treating it and spending lots of energy and cash on it the sense of satisfaction has pretty much disappeared. Right now I can't imagine being free of pain. I also have a feeling that my injury might need some exercise because rest has done little to nothing. I can convince myself that its responding but thats because I'm doing nothing on it. As soon as I go to a show or walk around town the pain is back. Nice one, you gave me a rest but I'm still here.

Off to bed. And hopefully to sleep. Not likely though because I had a very enjoyable and rare 7 hours last night. I got in super late and went to bed at 2 AM sleeping until 9. My alarm didn't go off and when I woke I was in a mild state of astonishment. Had to go and get treatment and get my day started sans coffee. Very hard thing to do. I am reading American Psycho for the third time and it will keep me entertained for the next few hours.

I know I've been dropping the ball on new music lately. For this I apologize. The thoughts of running have been dominating my head space lately and only the Dreamland EP has been answering my questions. Its not on youtube or any video I can find but until then here is a nice rendition of Phoenix - Lisztomania that brings much joy and shows why music education is so important. Look at the passion in these kids, so lovely.

Love Kel


  1. hi keith,

    just to inform you drogheda had an awesome day at the all ireland schools cross country yesterday!
    aaron hanlon from your old haunt won the junior boys race wit the team 2nd,the senior boys from st josephs aka the joeys won the team title by 14 points and simon ryan was a very impressive 3rd in the intervarsity race.clear to see your legacy lives on!!

  2. Awesome. Very happy for the Joeys and nice to see new talent coming through. I need to see these lads next time I'm back in Drogheda! Thanks for the update.


  3. Damn you Keefer! Can't keep from playing Spencer Krug's Dreamland EP ALL THE TIME! Since you turned me on to the music during our ride from Chicago to Peoria, it has been non-stop either on my car stereo, on iTunes or, worst of all, in my head when no music is playing. I hear Spencer's voice and marimba and shit drums at night just before I fall asleep.
    "Out in the dirty harbor water, half a mile from the shore. A cannon fell out of the sky. Now it sits on the dirty ocean floor." PLEASE make it stop! Dreamland has become a constant soundtrack, like an opiate I can't get enough of. Is there hope?

  4. Definitely Keith!!The lads would really enjoy meeting you,there a great bunch of lads,contact mark stevenson the next time your over if your still interested ,your old stomping ground Oldbridge is buzzing these days with athletes!