Friday, March 19, 2010

I Only Want One Life

Today was beautiful. I drove around Providence and saw so many smiling faces, couples walking hand in hand, kids sitting out on any available patch of grass and literally everyone was in a good mood. Its one of the nice things about living in an area with seasons, the first hot day is outstanding. I can't imagine (although I wouldn't mind) life in a year round warm climate because days like today would never happen. I was buzzing around a little too much and took a step back in terms of my knee swelling. Right now its very sore and crunchy. It probably didn't help that I ran from Rhode Runner to my car which was parked up the hill because I was late for a meeting with the race director for the St. Pats 5k. I mean, I can't live my life wrapped in cotton wool so I'm not too bothered. Dr. McKeon is giving me a cortisone shot next Wednesday anyway so its all good.

I usually post music on here for people to listen to or get exposed to for at least a few minutes but tonight I am posting an actual Video because its brilliant. Hot Chip, an excellent electro pop band from the UK released a new album recently. Its good but not as good as Warning, their 2006 effort. One of the criticisms of the album was that it sounded mainstream. I don't really think its commercial radio material and its certainly no more mainstream than many of the acts the same publications drool over, errr Phoenix, Passion Pit? So to poke fun at themselves they made a music video to the wonderful and very infectious I Feel Better staring 4 members of a muscled up boy band in place of the actual members. They find themselves being confronted by good, evil, and a lot of mayhem. Its awesome and must be watched.

Love Kel

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  1. Well Kel, Jimmy here.
    Thought you might enjoy this link. Brought laughter so strong the tears started flowing. Hilarious. Keep the ear out for the Sigur. 10/10.
    Hit me on skype when you get a chance.