Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Its Just Business

I am very, very close to being back on board, posting training, and dare I say racing goals. I saw the Doc today and he reckons my knee is really improving. He shot some cortisone into the Popliteus Tendon that has been giving me major headaches. It feels a lot better already. I know it will wear off and he told me that tomorrow I'll actually be sore but next Monday he wants me to run, slowly but regularly. I might be getting ahead of myself but I'm already planning out the next few months. Time to back off the pints and time to get going on more aggressive cross training and conditioning. I'm exceptionally unfit and actually kind of heavy compared to my normal self, but that was a rational decision. I needed to let it all go and hit rock bottom so I would find myself in this position, ready to build it all back up again, just as hungry as ever.

Needless to say I'm in a jovial mood. I have a lot of travel coming up and good things are in the works at Reebok. We will be hitting the road next week and selfishly it helps with my over-training tendencies. I'll be running with the lads in the mornings and its going to be fantastic.

I'm really looking forward to April. The gigs start early in the month and continue all the way through until the Jonsi shows at the beginning of May. Frankie will be coming into town for the AFP show and in the middle is the Boston Marathon weekend. Even though I say this annually, and fail miserably, I am going to take it easy this year. I really hope my knee will be very much on the road to complete bliss and I want to be there for it every step. So no hangovers or excessive hours on the floor at the expo.

Song for the day, Kissing The Beehive by Wolf Parade. Cannot wait to see these guys in Toronto in 2 weeks! Its fair to choose a song where vocal duties are shared between Dan and Spencer.

Peace and Love


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  1. we will run some easy miles at Boston and have just a couple pints. nothing excessive. I work that week on floor and in meetings, run boston, fly home to see 2 door cinema club, Echo and the bunnymen the next day, my birthday and good friends Local H are playing...then events. Busy my man.