Saturday, March 6, 2010

We Think The Same Things At The Same Time

Today could beheld in sharp contrast to yesterday. I was online at 9:55 ready to purchase Atoms For Peace Tix and at 10:00 AM I got through on my first effort. Bought 2 tix for the Tuesday night show and 5 minutes later both nights were sold out. It was all very fair. Five minutes to get tickets to see an amazing ensemble of musicians. If one was not there within the five minutes they don't deserve to go. Or rather they could go to the show in Chicago which my friend Ryan told me didn't, and may not, sell out (although Saturday is sold out, Sunday is still available). I will see Thom Yorke twice in one week. I have done this with Radiohead many times but always in big venues. Couple of nights in a row in Dublin or a Boston - Montreal - New York triple. However, this will be much different. For starters the venues are much smaller and in New York I have GA tix so I will be up front. Also its not Radiohead (I'd take Radiohead any day) its Flea, Joey Waronker, Nigel Goodrich, and Mauro Refosco supporting Thom's solo work some of which was released as The Eraser a couple of years ago. I'm still super excited and my mood is very much elevated after securing tix to 2 shows.

My knee is feeling better. I don't think its just the joy I'm experiencing with the whole Atoms For Peace thing. I legitimately think my knee is getting better. The Celebrex is helping and I have an ice pace around my knee all day. I'm surprised I haven't done damage to my peroneal nerve. I heard that happen to someone before, although I can't remember who. Tomorrow is going to be amazing weather wise and I am very tempted to go for a ride but I'm not going to. Another day of ice and rest nay boredom.........

In The Future,

Love Kel


  1. hey keith, really enjoy blogs keep them coming, i know you will prevail, here is a good tune for inspiration (Hey Rosetta - There's an arc)

  2. Hey Keith, interesting to hear you're having success with celebrex. I just started taking it myself about 3-4 weeks ago for bone bruise inflammation in my navicular/talus bone area. I find it fantastic in reducing inflammation in a way that regular ibuprofen doesn't. I'm able to take just one after the hard run and combined with ice, I'm good to go. Not sue what I'll do when my prescription runs out, as I'm unsure of how safe it is to take it longterm. Hope you enjoy the decent weather we're having for a few rides. Say hi to frankie,
    love trish

  3. Thanks for the tip. Heard some Hey Rosetta a few years back. Canada produces so many great bands. I haven't listened to any recent work and I assume this "Theres An Arc" is from the last album.

    Trish, Celebrex didn't work for me before but for this knee issue its really helping. I am feeling very good about it! I hope it continues to help your good self!