Friday, March 5, 2010

Atoms For Peace

After experiencing a total emotional meltdown last Tuesday I'm happy to report that everything is back in its right place. I missed out on the presale Tix to see Thom Yorke's band in Boston at the Wang Theater. I NEVER miss out on the presale and quite frankly I have no idea what happened. I was refreshing every few seconds and it went from not on sale to sold out in one refresh. It was bizarre. I must have literally missed it by a split second. I was deflated. Another crushing blow. It sounds silly but to see Thom with his solo band lead by Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers on bass is very important to me. Thom Yorke is someone I idolize and with Radiohead becoming bigger and bigger its very difficult to see him in small theater settings.

I woke up to the dreaded general sale today. Frankie was in Canada ready to go too. Refresh, refresh, refresh....Boom! Site goes down. Obviously the Wang theater underestimated the traffic because it crashed as soon as the tix went live. I was awash with panic and on the verge of tears. I am miking the whole Patrick Bateman thing here but its not far from the truth. After 20 minutes of being told that the connection is not happening I jumped on a Radiohead fansite. Someone knew the ticket company that Citi (the sponsor of Wang Theater) uses and went directly to that site and got great seats so he shared the love. Given that there was a 2 ticket limit and all tickets were will-call with credit card and email print out required it wasn't like he could milk it tout style. I like to think Radiohead fans are not like that anyway. So I jumped on and got myself and Frankie some decent (not amazing presale) seats, lower tier half way up on the right. Once I was set I needed to inform friends and allies so I posted on a couple of Radiohead message boards (I sound like a complete tool I know. I'm not proud of being a groupy at 32) I called Coxy and he got his, I called another friend, Dave Healy, and his wife got tix and I called/text Sean D so he got his. At the end of the day it took 90 minutes to sell out even though there were enough people trying to get on to sell the show out in 2 minutes. Only those that went to the actual ticketing company site were getting tickets so it took a while for the news to spread but I like to think that since the Radiohead messageboards and friends were the only people who knew the score it was all dedicated and very deserved fans that got the tickets. It was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster and I was drained after it. Very, very happy mind you. And I want to apologize for not telling more people. Some friends would have loved to go and were maybe trying but my head was spinning so I only called those who I knew were sitting at computers wondering what the hell was going on.

Tomorrow morning New York City tickets go on sale through Ticketbastards and I will be back refreshing..................

Knee is feeling better. I see lights at the end of many tunnels. Check the video below and you'll get an idea of why this mini tour will be so special. The clip is of Harrowdown Hill performed at their first live show ever.

Love Kel

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