Monday, March 29, 2010

Clinging Onto Bottles

AM: 1 Mile, Treadmill 7:20; 30 Minutes Precor, Core Work.

Day 2 back in training. Changing into running gear, getting the stretches in, the adrenilan, I love it. Had to get on the treadmill because there was a monsoon up here in the North East and I see no point in getting drenched for 7 minutes of running. I don't particularly want to get changed to get on the elliptical trainer. I ran 1 mile and felt terrific. Much better than yesterday. There was minimal pain in my knee and other things actually hurt more. I jumped onto the Precor straight away and did a steady 30 minutes at a high cross ramp level and some decent resistance. I really should have done 45 minutes but decided to stop while I still felt good. My training was followed up with a thorough core session and a cold bag of ice. I missed training so much and I cannot wait to start doing more. 37 minutes is pretty unsatisfying but significantly better than doing nothing.

When I returned home I found a nice little package containing the new Jonsi album. I kind of wish I didn't spoil it by listening to the leaked version online. Even so it is still lovely to get the CD delivered. Its now on my iPod and it will be perfect listening on my flight tomorrow morning to ATL (if we get out). Nice and tired now even though I hardly broke a sweat, is this what being very unfit feels like? The long hard road awaits.

Kaki King is playing the Middle East in Cambridge during the Boston Marathon expo. I'm pretty sure I'm going and I'm disappointed that there is even a question of not going. Getting old sucks ass.......

Love Kel


  1. so how's the recovery old man???? so that "should have done more" stuff is still too present, but I love the restaint shown. managing a little running on my side as well.

  2. Nice job. Sometimes we show our discipline by backing off when we want to push. Especially someone like you that can run through brick walls. Perhaps those days are gone but take your time and run around that wall for now.You'll get to the other side soon enough and in one piece.

  3. Chuffed for ya kel. I hope more than anything that you get the injury-free spell you deserve. Its long overdue. Lovin the discipline also. Keep it up brother.