Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Living, Just Killing Time

Peoria Airport is a dump. I guess thats why they are building a very nice, modern terminal next door to this one. Airports suck ass but my beef with Peoria is the lack of coffee. I am super early for my flight to Detroit and I really want some dark coffee. I tried the stuff up at the store and it was muck. This trip to Peoria was awesome. Great times with the crew from Running Central and Steamboat. But more than anything it was the joyful news I received last night that contributed to my getting fairly drunk. Frankie called at 10pm to tell me that Wolf Parade are playing in Toronto on April 7th, right between my two Thom Yorke shows. It might potentially be the best week of my life.

April 6th - Atoms For Peace - Roseland Ballroom, NYC
April 7th - Wolf Parade - Phoenix Concert Theater, Toronto
April 8th - Atoms For Peace - Wang Theater, Boston

Obviously the travel is going to be a pain but travel is easy when your floating which I will be. I have never seen Wolf Parade live. Missed them every time they came to Boston, work or being out of the country. Same old story. This time however I ain't missing anything. They are playing in a small venue in Kingston on Tuesday. If I had of known I would have bought Monday tix for Atoms in NYC and traveled up for 2 Wolf Parade shows. If that was the case it would certainly be the best week of my life. On a similar note, Johnny Depp referenced Sunset Rubdown as one his main inspirations for the Mad Hatter character he plays in Alice In Wonderland. Spencer does this to people. Maybe that is why I've listened to The Dreamland EP non stop for the last 48 hours. Really, I've listened to nothing else.

My knee is really bothering me today. Everytime I go on the sauce it hurts? Not sure what thats about because I was sitting down all night except for a quick head to head against Tim Broe in one of those basketball games at the back of sports bars all over America. I'll be back on the treatment table tomorrow so all good, hopefully. My concern with these types of injuries is that they seem to get better and then one day its back to square one. I almost feel that right now I've undone all the work over the last 2 weeks? Maybe its because I am fat right now and my poor knees can't deal with my girth.

Do yourselves a favor and go HERE and download this 20 minute epic track by Spencer under his Moonface moniker. Donate a few bucks, or don't. Maybe download it for free by entering in $0 and if you like it throw in a few quid. He used the Radiohead model. Great minds think alike. When its downloaded, listen to the song and read the lyrics. So powerful.

Off to catch a flight,
Love Kel

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