Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Are Revolving Doors

AM: 5 Minutes Run, 35 Minutes Trainer
PM: 5 Minutes Run, 30 Minutes Trainer

Kicked off the new training with 5 and 5. Myself, Pat and Kim named my route, Rome 5 since it only encompasses 4 streets and our street name is the best. Sharon 5 just sounds idiotic, Enfield 5 sounds like a road race in the middle of Ireland, and Isabella 5 has no ring to it what so ever. Rome 5 will eventually get longer because after some debate we figured out that it is 1172 meters. Hopefully I will add another street and keep Rome 5 but make it 1350 or so meters. Pat and Kim did Rome with a twist adding on 25 minutes. The time it took to get my running gear on was longer than the actual run itself but yet in both cases the whole experience was very uplifting. I might have done too much by adding on bike rides after each run but there was no resistance and the Doc suggested that I start cross training and taxing the joint with non-running, low impact exercise. Overall it was a great day of training and I feel amazing right now. Best of all, there is little or no pain in my knee. My calves on the other hand.........

To celebrate my first day of any real training in 5 months I listened to lots of new music. New Wave, Techno, Down Tempo and even a bit of Indie Rock (whatever that means). French band Fortune have been putting out some good tunes. They sound a lot like uber popular French band Phoenix which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, its the remixes that they've been recording and the remixes of their songs that have been getting most of the play. The below song is a remix of their song Mission recorded by M83 (major French music buzz going on right now) I obviously love M83 so it was easy to jump all over this. Fortune have offered up a lot of remixes at their website. All you do is enter your email address and some tasty music gets sent your way. Easy. Happy way to end the week,

Love Kel


  1. Well done and fingers crossed for ya

  2. completely wish you great success, health and comfort. whatever i mean by that weird choice of get it!

  3. Thanks lads. Long road ahead!