Monday, May 31, 2010

This Is Hard To See, A Moment In Time

AM: 7 Miles Easy
PM: 4 Miles Easy

Yes, a double day. My first in about 16 months. 16 MONTHS. Obviously I have done doubles with bike/run etc but a day with exclusively 2 runs is something from a prior life. Didn't think I'd see this day so soon, not that I should have done it or anything. When Kim goes running I somehow find it impossible to not go too. She runs slow on recovery days which helps and in order to help with my transition to a mid-foot landing I need to run easy miles with others. Still tired from Saturday so I avoided the bike at all costs and after waking up with little to no hangover (ok maybe a little) I decided a run was on the cards. We did The RIC loop with add-on and I felt great. After a bit of a bike ride around the city I came home to cook and when Kim was going for 4 miles it was time to get the shoes on for some more action. I might actually be getting better, or I might be making things worse. Right now I have other stuff to worry about.

One of the other things is the fact that STARS are playing in Boston tomorrow night and I still don't have a ticket. It SOLD OUT and last time I saw them there might have been 150 people in the venue, which holds about 1500 or more. Even Torquil (one of the lead singers) joked at how small they felt considering last time they played the venue it was to open for Death Cab For Cutie and the event sold out. Amy (other lead singer) told him to stop feeling sorry for himself, which he did, and proceeded to play a great show. I would never have imagined that a year or so later they would sell out venues. I have about 6 emails into craigslist and no one has gotten back to me. I think I'll still go and scalp a ticket outside if possible. Bought tickets for Interpol in Rochester today so June is shaping up to be decent seeing how busy I am going to be.

Well done to Jimmy Carney for a great run at Bolder Boulder today. Love that event and reminds me of some of the great times out west.

Stars live on Jimmy Fallon from the other night,

Love Kel

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  1. damn, had I been following, would have loved to have seen the Stars with you. I have been listening since your first recommendation about 1.5-2 years ago on the blog. Still reminds me of runs on the footpath in Fort Collins and in the early mornings through the streets of Boulder. Cannot wait to catch-up.