Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stars Is For Lovers

AM: 6 Miles Easy

Usual run with the Reebok Racing Club at lunch time. Forced myself to take it very easy because I had a date with the wonderful Stars at the Paradise Rock Club. Given that I saw Stars perform in Providence to a handful of people as I explained before, buying a ticket way in advance didn't exactly hit the top of the priority list. So I found myself driving to Somerville, MA to meet a dude who sold me his ticket for $50, 2x face value. He had the audacity to tell me that they were going for $80 on ticketstub but since I was a real fan he would do the right thing and only charge me $50. I waited until I had the ticket in my back pocket before I told him he was a scum bag and a disgrace to the music scene. At first he thought I was joking, either that or it was a nervous laugh. By the time I got into my car he shouted something at me and shut the door. Wanker. I guess he was kind enough to let me know his address to come and pick up the ticket. Some craigslist folks don't do that kind of thing. As my luck would have it, I arrived at the venue and the first guy I saw selling tickets outside was actually a REAL fan and offered me a face value ticket, without the fees! $20 bucks. I told him what happened and we both griped about the situation for 30 seconds before going our separate ways. He sold the ticket to a girl before I said goodbye.

The show itself was really great. Stars lead singer Torq played a DJ set as the opener. It was really great since all the songs he played were new wave anthems that inspired him to write music. Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, XTC, and of course New Order, a band he sited as his most significant influence. Most of the crowd were below the age of 21 (X on the hand signifying that much) so he went into detail about how they need to go home and listen to these bands and be "educated" on how and where Stars found their sound. I thought it was really cool.

The main set was the new upcoming Stars album played from start to finish. He even joked at half way that "this is the point where you get a cup of tea and flip the record to side B". The new songs sounded pretty good. Some maybe a little too poppy, its hard to tell. The second part of the show was a set of 10 songs picked by the fans on their website. Basically the hits and the energy was fantastic. Best Stars gig I've seen. Some interesting observations. There were significantly more youth at this show than any I've been to this year. The group of HS kids next to me had smuggled in snacks like you do at the cinema, so they were getting hopped up on Swedish Fish and Jelly Bellys. Women fans actually love Amy Millan. Don't know why I find this odd but the girls around me were literally screaming her name (see video below), she seemed embarrassed. I felt like I was at a madonna concert at one point. Narragansett is better than PBR.

Peace and Love,

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