Monday, June 7, 2010

Beat Street, Break Down

AM: 50 Minutes Easy Run
PM: 45 Minutes Spin on Trainer

Uneventful day. My knee was sore but I am going to keep trucking on until I figure out the next steps. The Reebok crew were back together for the lunch time loop and it was nice. We lost Ryan LaFleur early due to a nagging Achilles and I could have joined him in hitting the showers early but with such a beautiful day I needed to truck on. The 50 minutes of the run passes with such speed that I question all those years of hammering. Not only do my knees remind me of the mistakes I made but the feeling of getting to 50 minutes and feeling like the run hasn't even started is very unusual. We used to run our 8 mile or 10 mile afternoon runs at 5:30 pace and everyday was tough. Made for some great seasons and lots of doctor visits.

When I got home my knee was tight so I jumped on the bike with little resistance and kept some high cadence to bring blood flow to my knee. It did the job and now I have a nice ice pack sitting on top of my bakers cyst. Lovely. Some good tunes surfacing on the blog world. Nothing released today touches the fabulous new Black Cab Sessions with The Antlers. Check it out. I'd embed it but the folks at Black Cab won't let me. On a brighter note (or darker note depending on how you look at it) a new compilation titled Sing Me To Sleep (opening line of the song below) has been released to raise money for the Valarie Fund which provides comprehensive health care coverage for children with cancer and blood disorders. You can buy the album here. Stars covered one of my favorite Smiths songs, Asleep, and it is really beautiful.

Love Kel

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  1. the link: brilliant and beautiful sir Kelrock, simply lovely.