Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smack Down 2

Tuesday night smack down was more than I hoped for. After a long drive back from Rochester I had an urge to really hammer myself. I haven't biked in a while and unlike running, a week off the bike makes you feel amazing when you get back on. I was full of energy on the ride tonight and was delighted to see Dave Kellogg join the other lads and help set a hard pace from the start. We rode hard on the warm up to get the breathing and perspiration rocking early. By the time we were "on course" we were rolling and Mark G hit the front for a bold, early bid for the first sprint line. I jumped on third and went around with 400 to go, hitting the hill really hard. I managed to drop Dave on the last climb. From that point on it was hard all the way. Everyone was up for punishment and the suffering was all over the road. I loved it. Group riding really does it for me. I will miss the next 2 Smack Down rides but then I will hit 2 in a row. I need to start racing because the lads in the group are giving me shit about not lining up. I am going to find some races and get going. Or at least as I write this I am. We'll see if it actually happens.

Pitchfork brought Jonsi onto their wonderful Cemetery Gates series. It is magical. The setting for the songs is really cool and works perfectly. Check out the show here. And please check out the video below. It is one of his B-Side songs and its really beautiful. I know I've been going on too much about Jonsi but the videos and performances just keep coming and the inspiration never fades. Enjoy.

Love Kel

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