Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Say Hello To The Angels

This video is awesome and creepy and beautiful. Interpol tix go on sale this week. I'll be going to three shows. This may be the best summer of I only need Radiohead to tour in the fall. So I met Frankie for the Interpol gig in Rochester on Monday night. It was my third time seeing the band and this gig literally blew away both other times combined. The main reason for this is because the venue was a glorified, large pub. I've seen more people at college alt rock bands. Not that it wasn't sold out, it was just a small music hall. A real rock venue that has seen many acts grace its stage. Smaller than Paradise but a similar vibe. Interpol were outstanding. They opened with a new song called Success and I expected to hear more material from the new album. In the end we only got three new songs. The other two being Summer Well and Lights which has been doing the rounds for a while. Other than that it was pretty much a best of show and I was lost, sweaty, joyful, singing/screaming, and in a very happy place. We got Evil, Narc, NYC, Mammoth, PDA, Take You On A Cruise, Slow Hands, Obstacle 1, and a great encore with Hands Away (one of my favs), C'mere, and an amazing closer in Not Even Jail. Interestingly and fittingly we only got one song from Our Love To Admire, an album Interpol themselves were disappointed in. I guess it proves they weren't just saying it. The three new songs were great and the crowd was into it. I was very anxious before hand when a bunch of Joe College DB's were standing next to us and basically looking to hook up with women. In the end it was all positive and since we were so close to the speakers it was hard to hear anyone talk. Show gets a strong 9/10 for me. Paul was in a great mood, and David Pajo did a great job in place of Carlos D. I didn't notice any differences anyway. The band was amazingly tight with just one glaring error which was laughed off. Their first gig in 2 years and like wine.........

Love Kel

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  1. The title of your blog invoked me to take a look at your posts. I saw Interpol for the first time the night after the Rochester show: they were phenomenal: an absolute dream. I agree with everything you said, and I think it's great you appreciate them as much as I do.