Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dead Hearts

AM: 45 Minutes Run
PM: 85 Minute Bike Workout On Trainer

Another below average night of Kip. Humidity and a healthy dose of thoughts running amok in my head. Not to mention a knee that enjoys throbbing at the worst times. I woke up feeling pretty tired and with a forecast for thunder/lightening I decided to run with Kim rather than venture out on a bike ride. It never did storm in the end and I gave my knee another battering. We ran around RIC, chatted about running and felt very energized (aside from the pain obviously) Kim has been feeling better too so the pace has picked up on the runs.

There was no fatigue after a mere 45 minutes so in the afternoon I set up my trainer in the shell of a basement which is a lot cooler and enjoyed a hard workout. The guts of the set was 10 x 2 minutes hard off 1 minute float. By the last rep my HR was well above 200 and I nearly threw up. I couldn't hear myself breathing considering I had techno blasting in my ears but Pat and Kim assured me that I was making some significant grunting noises. Really pushed it and probably didn't do much for my fitness but certainly did a lot for my soul.

Once these NBA final games are over, Dr. McKeon will be more accessible and I'll be going back for a visit. I need him to reconsider this diagnosis. Bottomline, my knee is in pain, a lot of pain, everyday. It is not just running either, its just joint pain. Standing at an expo at the FRW this weekend was worse than running. For some reason, which we haven't figured out, my knee swells up when I stand or walk or run. I am desperate. I want so badly to race again. I miss it and the summer really exacerbates it because there are races every weekend around here.

So to deal with the issues I didn't turn to my regular vices, opting rather for some uplifting house and post new wave music. Needed to hear joyful melody, beats, synths, airy bliss, positivity, sunny music that can be held in sharp contrast to what is going on in this head of mine.

Love Kel

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