Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Your Face Grows Hard, Your Eyes Grow Soft.

AM: 7.5 Miles
PM: 1 Hour Trainer Ride (heavy rain outside)

Today I had the best lunch time run of the year so far and maybe the best run of 2010. My knee pain was 5/10 and didn't swell up as much at the end. Additionally my calf didn't grip as bad as it has been. It was just tight but not unbearable. Minor pain is something I can deal with. Maybe the evening bike ride loosened me out, I did do a lot of stretching after the ride. It was only myself, Fitzy, and Kev G on the run and we ran Ponkapoag Pond, maybe the best run from HQ. I haven't been able to commit to it recently but today was all happy, steady, and moderately sore - very positive.

I wanted to hit the road for a 90 min ride but it started lashing rain and actually got quite cold. I chose to ride on my trainer for an easy hour. I don't feel great tonight, maybe a little run down from everyone being sick at work? Either that or I'm just in need of some kip, something I haven't seemed to do well recently. Switching off the head is one of my biggest challenges. My mother has it so most likely I'll have it too. My mother and I both struggle to sleep very deeply and tend to wake a lot.

I tried to put up a Crystal Castles live performance from Jools Holland a few weeks ago and the video was blocked but all is good now. This is a wonderful performance by the moody Toronto duo who have a major ego and tend to come across extremely arrogant but when they make tunes like this I can completely roll with it. Going to see them in Boston on August 17th. Lovely,


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