Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can You Live With The Way They Make You Look Unreal?

Two days in a row with Reebok Racing Club and two days in a row at 50 minutes. I am a little miffed at how inconsistent this knee pain is. After the race last Saturday I thought I was done for a long time and then with a couple of days off I manage 2 runs in forbidden territory. Not that I'm complaining. I'm buzzing in fact, and even more so at how good I feel and how disciplined I am when it comes to pace and more importantly stopping when I say I will. Myself and Kevin hit a loop of Ponky today and ran steady. Kev reckons it was about 4 minutes faster than usual although I felt like we were jogging. Very happy with the progress.

When I got home I was delighted to see that my new Wolf Parade CD arrived. Even though I have listened through many times it is always great to get the real thing. I already have it uploaded to my iTunes and on both iPods. Love technology. The album is brilliant. Better in my opinion than At Mount Zoomer but still not quite Apologies in terms of impact. The songs are all very uptempo. I believe Spencer said that he wanted songs that would make people dance. Mission accomplished because when we saw them in Toronto the crowd was very rowdy and seeing more of the recent shows despite the awful quality of the youtube videos really conveys the energy they are bringing to the live setting. There are a lot of standout tracks and right now I have no favorites as such, although What Did My Lover Say, and the closer Cave-O-Sapien are really strong. I love In The Direction Of The Moon and Pobodys Nerfect right now too. I certainly lean towards Spencers songs and that is not to downgrade any of Dan's tunage. In fact I think Dan has AMAZING moments on this album and his tunes really complement the desperation of Spencer's unique voice. Sing along to the wonderful choruses and enjoy the frantic guitar and infectious melody, Expo 86 is a complete album that will meet all your needs. Love it, love it.

The video below is terrible quality but it really displays the energy on the current tour.

Love Kel

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