Sunday, May 23, 2010

Give To Me Your Eyes, I Need Sunshine

AM: 3:05 Bike Ride (60 Miles)
PM: 4 Mile Run

Humid, cloudy, windless mornings are my favorite. Especially when I know that eventually the cloud cover will dissipate and the sun will shine all afternoon. When I set off on my morning ride it was almost cold and very sticky. It looked like it might rain but the forecast called for a cloudy start and lots of sun. By the time I met coxy I was sweating. We did a nice, steady 2 hours together just cruising along side by side. I had another 30 or so minutes to add on to get over 3hrs and I finished hard. Admittedly I was pretty trashed after the ride, a combination of yesterday, pints last night, and lots of humidity made sure of that. Overall, the ride was really great and I am getting closer to being able to ride hard back to back days. Fitness comes so quickly but unfortunately the healing of my knees likes to take its good ol' time.

Kim had a session in the AM so I joined her for the afternoon recovery run. Ryan Hall (comments from yesterday) pointed out that after a long ride, an easy run will contribute to getting my injured rather than more fit. He is dead right. No arguments here. Its the mental state that needs the work. The act of putting on running shorts and running shoes, the act of heading down the street running, the feeling of the road underneath my feet. Its all so much better and regardless of how much I ride, the few miles I run later in the day offer satisfaction and help me sleep a little better. I am very pleased with the run tonight and to celebrate I am having a cold can of Narragansett and listening to the new Wolf Parade album that is out in June. I love it so much. Kim is watching the last ever episode of "Lost", a show I know nothing about what so ever.

I have been speaking a lot about Jonsi lately, especially on my facebook page. However due to my lack of visits to the blog I never mentioned here how the gigs I saw in Boston and New York are among the best and most emotional of my life. Going through some things right now and to stand and listen to Jonsi and his stunning band is something that is very hard to describe, and I am not a good enough writer to try. Believe me, the shows took me far off to a very different place and it felt like the show lasted about 10 minutes. It was too much for a guy in my state to take. But arguably the best medicine. Since the video footage on my favorite song is so bad, I included a good video of perhaps my second favorite from the show. Could easily post 15 Jonsi songs here! Check em.

Love Kel

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