Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Theres No Earthly Way Of Knowing Which Direction We Are Going

After this long absence it does feel nice and natural to be back online on Fitter, Happier, More Productive. I have a lot to discuss and its going to take many a blog post to catch up, but it will happen. My inability to run and other real life issues have taken me away from writing (any real writer would laugh at that comment) but I have missed it. Maybe discussing the injury and feeling sorry for myself was too much? Either way it was not necessarily an enjoyable break and it brings joy to be ready and poised for another season of "comeback"

This weekend I put in some decent miles on the bike, back to back 60 mile days. The weather has been nothing short of exceptional so staying on the saddle for 3 hours was pretty easy. I am miffed at my lack of desire to to more. I went out for 4 miles with Kim on Saturday evening and on Sunday I did 3 miles right after the bike ride, "brick" style.

The real fun started during the week however. The lunch time running crew at Reebok has gone to a whole new level and taking the bait I joined the crew for 6 miles over the blue hills. Awesome. So much so that when I got home I sent out an email saying I want more (whats that buzz about drugs and addiction?). Since everyone is very motivated it didn't take much and the crew were ready at 12:10 for another 6 miles. I felt amazing and the banter is something I missed terribly. Fitzy, Paddy, Kev, Ryan, Dan, Bob, and Coxy, all getting after it and having a college style stretch on the track after. My knee was screaming but the endorphins decided to shout a little louder. Tonight on the other hand my knee has decided to remind me that two 6 mile days back to back is far too aggressive. Tomorrow I just ride the bike.

I have so much music to discuss. To be fair it will take a long time. We will catch up though, that much I guarantee. Today however belongs to one person. It is 30 years since the magical Ian Curtis took his life. Many of my favorite bands owe so much of their inspiration to the baritone voice of Curtis that affected so many people in so many ways. The rock world has lost many a soul too soon but few have had such lasting and significant affect after their death then Ian. I was too young to appreciate his genius but now I can reflect like so many others and thank him for what he did, paving the way for a new post punk generation that has spawned some of my favorite music. Gone but never forgotten.

Peace and Love