Friday, May 21, 2010

Its The Eskimo Blood In My Veins

AM: 45 Minutes Trainer Ride
PM: 45 Minutes Run (about 6 miles)

Pete Rea and Tommy Morgan stopped by Reebok today to join us for our usual Reebok Racing Club group run. It was great to have them on campus and we had a good crew run the 6 mile loop that has become our daily ritual, complete with fast lap on the track (I said I wasn't doing that again). Pete took up the pace, going like the clappers on the first bend. Paddy J slotted in behind and while I kept telling myself to just have fun and sit back I found pats heels and ended up taking up the pace on the second bend. Dan Maz decided to have a go with 110 to go and we ended up sprinting the home straight. Again, stupid. Fortunately I had a visit with Dr. Tom Michaud planned for later in the evening. Tom is legendary for accepting patients after hours. I was on his table until 9:20pm. That is why he is awesome.

In the morning I jumped on the trainer for an easy 45 minutes to try and get some blood flow to my swollen knee. Tom thinks I have an inflamed "bakers" or what is more commonly referred to as a "bakers cyst". It makes perfect sense when I read it, and in fairness Dr. McKeon said a chronically inflamed Popliteal has the very same symptoms. So I buying that right now and treating it as such. Another potential piece of the puzzle. And its a big puzzle.

Wolf Parade are one of my favorite bands. In my top three actually. I have a total man crush on Spencer Krug because his voice is nothing short of infectious and his genius is rare. Love Dan too, just not as much. Together they put out amazing songs. The Wolf Parade show I saw in Toronto last April was one of the highlights of my year and I have in my possession tickets to see them in Portland ME, Boston MA, and New York NY, on three consecutive nights. Some people think I'm nuts following bands around. "Isn't once enough?", no its not. When I see bands I love my first thought after the show is when can I see them again. Walking back to the hotel after Wolf Parade in Toronto I told Frankie I could see them again next night only we had Atoms For Peace to attend. Some people spend money on vacations, on cars, on flat screen HD tv's, on drink and drugs. I spend it on shows, and I cannot wait for Wolf Parade.

Love Kel

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