Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

AM: 3:02 Bike (about 58 Miles)
PM: 30 Minutes Run

The temps were high even at 8:30 when I hit the road for my ride. I needed to stop at Starbucks on Wayland Sq to meet Coxy and lash in a small dark roast (burned and very average). Things felt great until about 2.5 hours in when I went from being generally tired but still riding with ease to nothing in the tank and desperation to find the nearest gas station for some snickers bars and sugary drinks. Clearly I buried myself yesterday and didn't replenish. I stopped at CVS and got my fix, feeling amazing very soon after. It was a great day to cruise around P-Town drinking coffee. When I got back I decided to hit the road for a short, easy run. T'was lovely and just what I needed before a night of scoops with Jimmy Harvey. The British Cellar Ale House is a new pub just off Thayer street and they have an epic selection of swill. Stuck to Dogfish head and was very happy I rode my bike so I could enjoy a good few bottles and discuss running/life with Jimmy. It is fair to say that these days I spend as much social time with dudes who are 50+ as I do with dudes my own age. Getting buzzed off a little amount of swill usually tells me that I won't spend much money, and that I am still tired from training, not re hydrating. Tomorrow there will be no biking, just some easy miles and a lot of food/fluids.

I'm still listening to the sounds of Apparatjik. Such great music. The video is a DIY by some creative soul. The song is beautiful and I'm not embarrassed to say that I've listened to it about 15 times today. Tomorrow is a day off and one of the few days I can do nothing work related for the next 5 weeks. So I'll deal with the hangover I'll most likely suffer......

Love Kel

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