Thursday, May 27, 2010

Angel Echoes

I am comfortably writing this from 33,000 feet on a US Airways Flight from San Diego. Technology is awesome. The internet is fast too. And it was free. Only positives. I was in San Diego with Coxy for meetings so the old training took a bit of a hit. Got in nothing on Tuesday, however on Wednesday morning I did get in about 55 minutes of easy running with Rich Verney and his dog Boston. We ran on sandy trails that snaked through wealthy neighborhoods in Carlsbad. A great start to the day. We then hit some stores and I got a tour from Sean and Coxy through some of their old stomping grounds. Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, etc. Very nice.

My knee is slowly adapting to a mid-foot strike and even though I still get swelling after the run it feels decent during the run. Obviously swelling is a sign that something is very wrong but getting in miles is so joyful that it trumps any rational part of me that thinks it could get worse. Really, nothing a few Celebrex doesn't fix. That and a lot of bike riding to keep the fitness at a reasonable level.

These work trips are awesome because I work with great people who are mates outside of the 9-5. However, it hampers training and keeping up with the latest music news. I get a little nervous if I have not read several blogs about new releases. Silly, I know. I love a site called The Music Slut, and when I typed it in the URL I was blocked based on the obvious use of the word Slut. It was categorized as an adult site. Terrible. But I understand. Although it would take a pretty demented individual to surf porn sites on a plane.

Anyway, it is good to see that Arcade Fire is releasing a new Album in August called The Suburbs. I love the dudes that wear t-shirts saying I was in to Arcade Fire before you. They are that kind of band. Fans don't like their popularity and I can completely relate. I read that many critics think the new Wolf Parade album could see the lads have an Arcade Fire style rise in popularity and while I think its awesome that more people will hear the magical sounds I also like being able to roll up to a show and not be bothered by newbies. Very selfish and maybe a bit arrogant? Just being honest though. You can hear a couple of the new songs here My initial reaction to both tracks is lackluster to be honest. Its not fair to judge an album on 2 songs but I am thinking that the weight of expectation is going to hurt this LP. So I am going to reserve judgment until I hear the whole record.

So thats it. Back home in a few hours and putting the head down over the long weekend. Should be very nice.

Love Kel


  1. Glad to see you've been posting again! Keep it on the reeeeyyaaaaaalll!