Thursday, May 20, 2010

Theres Nothing Left

Noon: 5.5 Miles Run

That was the session, one short but thoroughly enjoyable run. My knee was killing me all day. This AM I woke up and couldn't bend it very far at all. You could have paid me a million bucks to touch my heel to my ass and I wouldn't have been able to do it. I'm pretty sure I can still claim to be injured and without a proper diagnosis as to what is going on.

I met the crew at lunch time for a solid loop around the local golf course. We had 8 out today and spent a lot of time stretching on the track. Reebok was alive with people working out today. Amazing what the first day over 80 degrees does for the soul. I tried to enjoy the run but my knee really pissed me off. Despite my very happy facade and the fact that I really enjoyed running with the crew, inside my mood was below par. I went for a pint after work at the Hillside Pub, aka Building 6 with Coxy, Ryan, ALee and Skater T and my knee problems faded away. The ice pack wrapped around my leg right now is telling a different story however.

What about the Floyd Landis buzz? Nuts. I believe 50% of what he is saying but his motivation is what has me disturbed. If you want to take down one of the biggest sports stars on earth and the entire cycling industry perhaps there are better ways of doing it than sending emails at 4AM contradicting everything you've said for the last 4 years. He sounds like a bitter, twisted, and very depressed ex cyclist who wants to throw everyone under the bus. Whether Lance cheated or not is somewhat moot because he has been accused since his first Tour win (some one say he was being accused when he won Worlds pre cancer) and no one has been able to prove anything. The lay person, the cancer survivor, the average sports fan is not going to believe the nut job that is Floyd Landis. Someone like Paul Kimmage wants to see Lance busted but goes about it in a strategic manner being fully aware that he may never see Lance busted. Landis on the other hand is using a method of accusation with no proof that will further polarize him from the community he so desperately wishes to be part of. It made for a very unproductive day and I am eagerly anticipating the next move and how it all plays out. Dare I say I'm on the side of cycling because there is too much self serving going on here. There are easier ways to steal the limelight.

I have been on a bit of an electro kick this week and while banging out work today I was listening to some of the new work from Tom and Ed chemical, aka The Chemical Brothers. I loved their new single, Swoon and played it regularly over the last few weeks, however it wasn't until I heard the Don Diablo remix that I fell in love. The track was playing while I rode the bike and I found myself very quickly replaying it again and again. It keeps the melody and energy of the original and evolves it into a more housey, dancefloor tune. Its very simple and infectious. Excellent workout tunage.


Love Kel

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