Monday, February 8, 2010

To The Basement People, To The Basement

I am getting over a flu brought on by a lot of travel, late nights, and stress. The stress has nothing to do with work, its all related to the brutal pain in my knee. The weekend certainly didn't help. We had an athlete summit and it was followed by a good lash of vino and swill after. Managed a few hours of kip before waking up and feeling like complete ass, and not the hangover type. It was a long day at the Boston Indoor Games but some of the performances were really inspiring. I can say without bias that the Mens 5k was the race of the meet, not only because Bernard Lagat broke the American Record but because when Galen Rupp took up the running with a K to go I've rarely seen such energy at a track meet. There were chants of U-S-A followed by chants by the large Ethiopian contingent half way down the back straight. There was similar action in the Womens 3k but the 5k was a different animal altogether. It was the strongest indoor 5k ever on American soil. And it was a privilege to be part of the wonderful crowd and team that help Global Athletics make this meet happen. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy the post race activities the same way I usual do (which is not necessarily a bad thing) but I still had a good time hanging with the old Providence crew and some of the runners who were up for a bit of a laugh. I was trying to get some kip to kick this bug I have but alas it didn't happen so now I'm paying for it.

Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta and Philly for 5 days and when I get back to P-Town next Sunday I start to prepare my recovery plan. Monday sees a visit to the Doc up in Boston and hopefully a MRI to rule out a further tear. Assuming there is no tear I will ask for a shot of good old fashion Cortisone and if there is a tear I want the Doc to go back in as soon as possible. I have a bunch of sessions lined up with Mike Silva at Foundation Performance and Dr. Lani's chiropractor center. Its not for lack of trying as far as I'm concerned and if i don't get better I need to know I've exhausted every angle. So thats the latest buzz. New Video by Two Door Cinema Club who hail from Ireland. Little bit poppy but as I've said its softer I'm getting. I'm looking forward to hearing this complete album at the end of the month.

Love Kel


  1. Is this Keith Kelly who used to go st.marys school drogheda this is Aaron Hanlon im in st.marys school drogheda and won leinsters last week the team came 2nd heading to cork for all irelands

  2. I like your style!