Thursday, February 4, 2010

On The High Rise Estate

Had a thorough examination down at Foundation Performance and Mike reckons I do need another MRI to rule out further tears. My leg length discrepancy is actually getting worse and on a basic test of hammy strength its been reveled that I have more power in my little toe than I do in my Hamstrings. Obviously the biking is contributing heavily to this. So we think that the tear came as a result of severe muscle imbalance and the fact that my orthotic needs adjusting. I am very fired up about the session because if I had to diagnose myself I'd say I have a micro tear and if that was ruled out I'd say exactly what Mike told me. So the formula is clear, MRI to rule out tear, and if thats the case go head first into getting the glutes and hamstrings stronger. If I'm going to continue riding so much I may go and actually get fitted for my machine. Might be worth it.

Love Kel

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