Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There Is Love In You

Its been an overwhelming 24 hours in music. We got another new Jonsi song handed to us and I went and bought the new Four Tet Album, There Is Love In You. The Album is really beautiful and soulful. It even has some elements that make me want to get up and start dancing. I listened through 4 times at work today (productive few hours) and found myself wanting to breakdance in my cube. The album is certainly more dancey than my other Four Tet albums. While certainly not in the genre of hands in the air, trance beats or anything like that, it certainly gets the head nodding, the shoulders swaying, and the mind thinking. Kieran Hebden has been DJing for many years at London's Plastic People and I can certainly hear the influence of dancefloor builders, minimal techno, and obviously house music. While Hebden has ventured these paths many times this album is the most complete dance album he has done. The cymbals and keys from earlier work are very evident but the bright, uplifting energy is consistent throughout the record unlike its predecessors. I found the songs to be extremely emotional and ones I'll revisit many times this year.

Speaking of emotional, the full studio recording of Go Do on the new Jonsi album was played on Zane Lowes BBC Radio 1 show and its available for listening and smiling. The track is very Boy Lilikoi sounding and now that we've had two tracks from the forthcoming album its very clear that outside of Radioheads new work (when they release it) it may be the album of the year. Check out the track below.

I ran 1 mile today in a lot of pain and I did a lot of core work. I blame Four Tet for my actions. I couldn't bare to sit at my desk any longer.

Love Kel

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  1. With the WNYC interview and the vids, I have to tell you, I am going to buy the album.