Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Is My Final Fit, My Final Bellyache

My fantastic run of self diagnosis continues. Another posterior meniscus tear on the lateral side. I could have told the Doc without the MRI so when he told me today that indeed I have another significant tear I was silently happy. Being right about my diagnosis, adding to my last 4 correct diagnosis, offers little in the way of condolence. I'm trying to figure out why it keeps happening and whether its all worth it.

I spoke with my friend TJ tonight about how important running actually is, I mean when you look past the whole addiction and passion etc. Its just running. And that is exactly what I miss most. I know I'm not hitting the Euro track circuit again and I doubt I'll ever run a PB again (unless I do a marathon and just finishing that will be a PB) but all I want to do is run. I love it, love the feeling after a run, love the nerves before even the smallest of races, love the friendships, love the burn, the suffering, pushing myself. And even though I get all that stuff riding a bike, its not quite the same.

So next Monday the Doc and I will decide whether or not I want my fifth surgery, fourth on my right knee. He will of course oblige me because he understands when he looks in my eyes how important it is for me to run again, but what he wants me to understand is that there is a slight chance my body is telling me something. I have long lost any belief in fate and for many years I thought it was my fate to overcome these hurdles and achieve something very satisfying in the sport. Maybe I should just accept that I have achieved a lot, I've be part of many great races and if I never get it back I should still be happy with where I've been. And just as I wrote that I had a little chuckle to myself. Of course I'm not stopping and of course I'm going to try again. Maybe a little more sensibly this time. Maybe.

Peace, Love, And Thanks,



  1. best wishes for you. take care of the body, eat well, drink well, and enjoy life. certainly have many of us supporting your return to pain free running. everything i have read or heard about you indicates you are "good people". no doubt you are. be kind to yourself keith. believe in the best possible outcome to your challenges.i will keep your health and return to running in my thoughts.


  3. Like your style and your outlook. Will continue to hope that things work out for you...

  4. Some people run from their problems, others run from their identity, some people run a bed and breakfast when they retire and have nothing left but photos of their grandchildren and an old farmhouse near a lake that Uncle Edward left them when he passed away.

    Then there are those who just run.

  5. Keep on pushing, Kel. You sold me a pair of shoes once at Marathon Sports in Cambridge--being a Providence grad, I recognized you from when you won NCAAs.

    I don't know why but I find the brutal honesty and pure love of running in your blog addictive and inspiring. I think as a work-a-day hobbyjogger I can relate to having to continually prioritize The Run even when it doesn't appear to make a lot of sense. Best wishes.

  6. Thanks guys. All the comments and feedback make the struggle that much easier.
    Peace and much love,