Monday, February 1, 2010

Pausa Caffe

My flight back from Geneva is delayed by a solid 90 minutes making my connection to Boston looking more and more like its not going to happen. The free internet in the airport, all one hour of it, is most welcome and sitting down with black coffee while listening to Joy Division and surfing the web will see this hour pass quicker than any other will today.

I had a fantastic though very short (too short) stay in this strange but beautiful city, however I'm looking forward to getting back and sorting out my knee. I am not sure where or when I made a balls of it but I only have myself to blame. Dare I say that I might have torn some more meniscus or cartilage because seeing as my recent self diagnosis has been bang on it is safe to assume that I'm right again. We had a conversation last night over some Scotch about how many athletes are so in tune with their bodies that a visit to the doctor is usually just a clarification of the problem and a request for some prescription meds. I can't remember the last time I asked a Doctor what was wrong with me, and neither could the other guys in the conversation. So back to the point I'm making. Clearly something is causing major instability in my knee and by avoiding a very thorough rehab the underlying problem has not been corrected. Maybe I had my puncture repaired but there is still a sharp piece of glass in the tire and it has re-punctured me. I am going to get another MRI as soon as possible so I can be very specific on what needs to be done and on what time line.

Runners are a bit of a twisted breed. I haven't really trained hard in 6 weeks so naturally I've put on a couple of kilos. Given the mass amount of partying I did over Chrimbo and even this last 4 days I should really be grateful that I'm not worse off. Nevertheless, I still feel fat and out of shape. If I can't run I will have to figure some other way to get my "fix". Maybe a bit of swimming for the time being will hit the spot. Swimming and I don't mix and I can't really do much of it but if it keeps me sane it will be very much invited into my life. The rest of my energy over the next 3 weeks will go into getting my knee right so I can at least use the Alter-G and get back on the bike. I wish I could let it go and enjoy the rest of what life has to offer (I kind of do that anyway which isn't necessarily a good thing) but I can't so I'll do what I do best, get healthy again and over do it with massive amounts of hard training, chasing the dream (which isn't really a dream anymore) and telling myself that this time will be different.

Peace and Love,


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  1. I love how you make simple, black coffee so appealing. Part of it may be a lack of true coffee goodness here, but there will always be the cortado. Until the return to great grounds and better roasts, there will always be the cortado, with plentiful sugar to mast the burn and age...