Monday, February 15, 2010

It Could Be Wrong, Could Be Wrong, It Could Never Last.

I explained a few months ago why I love the crew up at New England Baptist and in particular Dr. Brian McKeon and his PA Jason Rand. Today reinforced that faith and trust. It took all of 2 minutes for the Doc to put the wheels in motion. He thinks I may have another tear but needed a MRI to rule out any other complications. Usually I wait a few days but he simply rang up The Baptist and told them to fit me in today. 2 hours later and I am in a machine getting pics. Tomorrow morning I'll have the answer and if I need surgery again it will be a case of when we can both fit it in. He told me I'm getting priority. Obviously he feels pretty frustrated considering his reputation but its not his fault. I did something or missed something in my post surgery rehab. So if we have to get the knives back in I'm ready to go. I've no choice but to be positive and I hope it shows another bad tear so I at least have an answer and this time I'll be beyond anal about recovery. I'll lock my bike up and have Frankie hide the key. Seriously. A few long bike rides and road races this Summer might still be possible.

The Winter Olympics has me in its grips. I'm usually not a big fan, being Irish n' all (and being a typical arrogant runner) but given my ties to Canada (and America) I was fired up for the Mens Moguls last night. It was great to see Canada get the Gold, particularly in light of the Woman's race the previous evening. And whats the buzz with Nordic Combined? I found myself engrossed in the Cross Country race cheering for the American seeing as he made a huge move for home from a long way out. I watched more of it today, the 15k interval start to be specific. These guys are tough as nails and their ability to annihilate themselves is very inspirational. Cross Country Skiing is awesome and if I could anything on snow or ice that would be my event of choice.

Today the blogosphere introduced me to Jump Jump Dance Dance. I think I heard these guys somewhere before but I can't put my finger on it. Very happy, poppy, and perfect for a good frame of mind.

Love Kel

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  1. Bro, XC skiing may be your future given your dodgie knees. I have a former athlete skiing for the XC team, James Southam, who I coached in high school.Little more technique required but if you don't mind driving up to N.H. or Vermont I can give you World Class lessons.