Saturday, February 20, 2010

Theres Eyes In The Sky Tonight

Man, I miss the daily posting here on Fitterhappier - talking about the great training sessions and reflecting on the work put in. Hopefully the Doc will have answers for me on Monday. This was a great week all the same. I've had things going on that helped make me forget about the brutal pain in my knees and the impending, gloomy news I await.

On Thursday night Frankie and I joined Coxy and Mylene to see Editors in the House Of Blues. Talk about a perfect place and situation to experience given the condition of my mental state. The show was awesome and with the great music my bad vibes drifted away. I recently got the new album by The Antlers whos lead singer, Peter Silberman, sounds a lot like Jeff Buckley. This album should have been in my top 10 of 2009. They were the opening act and I was floored. Literally listening to the songs and watching the pouring out of emotion by Peter took me to a completely different place. If you get a chance to see these guys live please do yourself a favor and go.

I didn't expect the warm up to be so good. I could have easily gone home after the short set and been completely content. Thats a sign of a great show. Editors on the other hand I expected to be great and they were. The power of the music, the amazing vocals of Tom Smith and the energy in the crowd all contributed to a truly excellent performance. All three albums were well represented in the 19 track setlist including some of my personal favorites like Escape The Nest. They did a three song encore that blew the roof off HOB and for my troubles I had a sleepless night due to be being so hopped up on energy, emotion, and PBR. Fantastic.

The show and listening to lots of The Antlers since has certainly mellowed me out. I've always felt that musical talent like these guys possess simply crushes me. There is so much beauty in music and the music I listen to reminds me that without Running (also so much beauty) there is still another passion that will give me the same highs and same drive. Its just when the two are together that life is easy. Of course friends and family etc are more important than both but type A people like myself need outlets. Running and Music are mine. One is supposed to be really healthy but results in constant depression, surgery, and let down while the other is pretty unhealthy - late nights, beer, musical arrogance! And yet I feel amazing after shows and full of life while running is the complete opposite. Answers on a postcard as to what thats all about!

More news to come early next week. Until then have a listen to a track from The Antlers. Warning: Strange emotions and lots of Joy guaranteed.

Love Kel


  1. Hospice is fantastic. Sometimes music hits you so hard it hurts.

  2. The electronic explosion in the middle of "Thirteen" is when I fell.