Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Rain Falls Hard On A Humdrum Town

No news is good news however the lack of news here is actually neither good or bad. Frankie and I spent the weekend eating well, drinking well and forgetting about knees, injuries, running etc. I did have a session with the AAA on Sunday afternoon. That was awesome, especially considering we had our chat over the blackest of dark roasts at the Exchange.

I went to see Dr. Brian McKeon today and as usual he was pretty upbeat, surprising given the fact that he reckons my knee injury is exceptionally rare. The chances of a post meniscus surgery resulting in a new tear are very slim unless trauma or a ridiculous load was placed on the joint. I answer no to both questions. So he thinks that the tear showing up in the MRI is not a tear at all and rather it is scar tissue, swelling, and a major inflammation of my Popliteus Tendon.

It is hard for me to accept because it really feels like a tear but he swore to me that he has seen my case before especially in fit sports people. And to be fair I have never treated this as a Tendonitis because I never thought it would be. He asked me did I ever know someone with bad Achilles Tendonitis, which I have, many times. And he asked me how bad it hurt. I know guys that missed months because of chronic tendonitis and I know a couple of guys who's careers were ended by it. So his point is that a bad case can be very painful. I am undergoing an intense 4 week treatment at Foundation Performance and then I will get a shot of Cortisone. If after 2 months its not better then he will operate. I asked for an operation right now but he looked at my MRI and my last surgery concluding that surgery right now is not the best option and that I am welcome to get a second opinion. I don't need one. I have total faith in this guy because he pointed out my injury and the inflammation on the MRI and in detail explained why the surgery option is bad now and why treatment is the right option. I'm just an impatient bugger.

I did have a laugh when the Doc asked if I had ever taken Celebrex and he thought I was joking when I said I had probably necked about 300-400 Celebrex pills in the last 9 years. When he saw I was serious he simply shook his head, sat down, and laughed hard himself. Myself and Mark Carroll used to take Celebrex all the time because our Sacrums and Pelvis injuries were so bad at times that it was all we could do to get through some runs (and I wonder why I'm so screwed now!). So I'm back on the Celebrex and hoping it helps.

I am a little miffed and confused but at least I have a plan of attack. And I did get the green light to start biking in 2 weeks, only if I take Celebrex and get about 8 therapy sessions. I'm going in head first so time to be optimistic and positive.

Thanks for all the support, and please have a listen to the new Broken Social Scene, its class.

Love Kel


  1. Dude I was just singing 'William' on my way home this evening. Wishing you much better health and happiness.

  2. Is this Keith Kelly who went to school at st.marys school Drogheda This is Aaron Hanlon from st.marys school Drogheda i won the Leinsters last week and team was 2nd going for the all irelands in Cork

  3. Aaron, it is indeed. Hit me up on the FB or email me. Well done at the Leinsters, fantastic stuff.