Sunday, February 14, 2010

Make Your Voice Break, Sing It Out

That was a long week. I feel like I've spent more nights in hotel rooms and on planes in the last six weeks than I did all last year. And it shows no signs of slowing down. We are hammering it out and its going well. If only the buzz at Reebok could be translated into my personal well being. Tomorrow morning will see me finally make the trip back to the Doc. I am so on edge that I either drink too much or stay awake all night. Either way its not good and I'm hoping he can help me. At this stage I can safely say that my knee is actually worse than it was before surgery. I literally haven't done a lick of exercise in 2 weeks and the swelling is still very bad. The general pain scale sits at about 8 and thats just from walking around.

I started this blog 18 months ago to capture the daily training and energy around my comeback from quitting the competitive side of the sport. It was really great and I loved logging my training and the music that accompanied me. It was even successful considering I hit my first goal. But now it seems empty. This blog is about Running and Music and the running side is slowly disappearing. However if I get my knees sorted I may just have to push the reset button and set goals again, and of course log training. That is what its all about.

Frankie comes into town this week for the first time since September. We are going to see Editors on Thursday night which should be awesome. Of course Four Tet happen to be playing on the same night and same time. Typical Boston!

Please send some positive energy for the Doctors visit tomorrow, I'll give it all back,

Love Kel


  1. Best of luck in the days ahead. Your comeback and struggles with your knee injuries were a motivation to me as i overcame what was in comparison (and reality) a minor knee injury which now seems to be behind me.

    Enjoy the Editors - they played in Western Australia a month or so ago but it was 3 hour drive to watch them play on a dusty football oval in the heat of the day - not how I want to remember seeing them.

    Hope the next blog is good news - cheers

  2. my ++++ energy is all your way my friend. all, and everybit your way.