Friday, December 4, 2009

The World Goes And Flutters By

No training or mundane activity from today trumps hearing the new Jonsi track. This guy has a rare talent that completely floors me. I feel insignificant next to genius like this. Sigur Ros are a top 5 all-time band for me and listening to Jonsi solo brings out the same emotion. He is singing in English which is not something I have ever wished for (I thoroughly enjoy Hoplandic) but hearing the lyrics puts a massive smile on my face. I've said this before, but I remember seeing Sigur Ros for the first time in 2005. I was lost for words after the show and literally couldn't speak. The Opera House in Boston was such an amazing venue to see the band. Once we got outside I turned to my friend Shawn and told him that if a friend of mine couldn't find something positive or uplifting in the music of Sigur Ros I would struggle to remain friends with them. If they went to a live show and didn't feel moved I would actually question if they had any soul whatsoever. That is how good the live performance is. It seems an eternity since the last Sigur Ros album (only 18 months) and hearing this song reminds me of hearing "Ny Batteri" or "Hoppipolla" for the first time. It is amazing and I cannot wait for his album.

Love Kel

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