Sunday, December 13, 2009

Begging For A Break

If I didn't have an overwhelming desire to train and attend live music shows I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I mean what do people do. It hit me hard the last few days with being laid up and immobile, sans Frankie, house mates, and training. I 'm pretty sure that between last Thursday and today I finally read the entire Internet. Sure it took a lot of commitment but its doable, especially when there is nothing else to do. Not to mention that I went to Target and the Mall, twice, for some Xmas shopping. Who is this person?

My knee has been getting the love and affection it deserves. Ice all day, lots of slow mobility exercises, PT, and positive energy. The swelling is significantly reduced and I am completely free of crutches. Nice one.

The European XC Champs were on today in Dublin. To think that my goal last year was to be ready for this event and here I am post-op dreaming again of things that seem destined never to happen. The team did solid, but with no disrespect because the lads would agree, they should have done better. I believed they would get a medal however there are no sure things in the world of cross country team competition. Mark Kennelly had a fantastic run, placing 8th, his highest ever in the event. Otherwise the lads ran below potential. Some sickness and injury hampering the build up. I feel especially bad for Mary Cullen, I am not sure what went wrong but I have no doubt on another day she would have medaled, if not won. And that is taking nothing away from Haley Yelling who ran inspired to take the win at 35 years of age. There is hope!

The guts of my packing is done, reflecting the level of boredom I have right now. I miss training. Even just getting on the bike for an hour easy is enough to burn off some energy. Now I am pro-active in doing things that I usually leave until the last minute. Living the normal life for a while can't hurt. Overall my outlook is pretty good. The reds lost again today but they and the gaffer still have my backing and trust. The optimism is still carrying through. And with my leg improving at such a rapid speed I may have to purposely leave my running gear here so to avoid temptation.

The dog days are indeed over, bring on the week,

Love Kelrock

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  1. 360 degrees of fantastic stuff keith kelly. w-to-the-ord.